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Judy’s Preparatory is an innovative early years school, designed to observe and respond appropriately to the stages of development in children from birth to age 5. 


Our environment is set up to respond to the needs of children by teaching the required skills to get them ready for the real world. We have also decided to cater to the needs of the society by including our daily drop-in centre.


Judy’s Preparatory has been established by highly trained and skilled individuals not only in education, but in various areas ranging from customer service and  information systems to  photography. We are extremely passionate about children and are determined to prepare the children for the real world.

Our institution is located in a serene area in Garki, Abuja, and we have taken great care to create the secure, nurturing and fun environment responsive to a child's developmental stages and inherent desire to learn.


Our classes are equipped with all that is required to enhance the development of children with a full range of teaching materials. We offer a broad curriculum aimed at the development of the whole child; mind, body, heart and soul and teaching social as well as academic skills, to provide a lasting foundation of skills.


We hope to instill in children, a lifelong enjoyment of learning.

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